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The UK’s first feature predominantly in BSL. This is a groundbreaking first feature from award-winning deaf director Ted Evans. A man who has grown up in an all deaf commune starts to question what life might be like on the outside. Developed and produced by IFeatures and will shoot in 2020.

Writer/Director: Ted Evans



At one point it was the number 3 conspiracy in the world -  someone once died at Porton Down, the UK government's chemical weapons testing facility.  This person was 19 year old pilot Ronald Maddison and Gassed explores the circumstances around his death, the thousands of other veterans that were tested on by their own government, and the investigation that finally brought the families some justice.  

Writer:  Kefi Chadwick (Any Means Necessary) 


Birchanger Green

First feature from writer/director Moin Hussain, selected for the Torino Film Development Lab 2019.  

A grounded sci-fi about a man who starts to re-examine the disappearance of his father when he was a child, and begins to think that something other-worldly might be to blame.  


Untitled Family Animation

Feature Film written by Andrew Yerlett, development supported by the BFI and Aardman. An Aardman project with Michelle Stein producing. 



A young woman gives birth in prison and finds herself trapped in a vicious cycle of violence that jeopardises her relationship with her child.

Writer:  Charlotte Wolf // Director:  Rachna Suri