in production


TV Series: Pilot written 

Writer:   Andrew Yerlett 

Genre:  Comedy 

A TV series based on the short film of the same name about a teenager called Adam who finds out the man he thought was his father actually isn't his dad, and his real father is a charismatic hot tub salesman called Roddy Hart.     

Production Companies: Big Talk in association with Escape Films for Sky One 

Mole Patrol

Feature Film: Treatment

Writer:   Andrew Yerlett 

Consulting Director:  Jay Grace (Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists) 

Genre:  Family Animation 

Think Braveheart with moles set on a golf course in the highlands.   

Production Companies: Aardman Animation, Funded by the BFI
Read more about Mole Patrol and the BFI Aardman Development Lab here



Feature Film: Treatment

Writer:   E.V Crowe

Director:  Ted Evans

Genre:  Thriller

Retreat is a thriller about identity and to what lengths people will go in order to fight for what they believe in. Grace, a deaf college dropout, has spent her life trying to fit in. In her first few weeks at university, a familiar isolation has taken hold. Then she meets Ben, a deaf man, who introduces her to ‘the village’, a deaf-only commune situated in countryside, miles from anywhere. A place where sign language is the only language, a place where she can be herself. Grace drops out of her studies to join the commune.  She thinks she has found her utopia. But she then discovers the shocking lengths that the founders will go to protect their way of life from the outside world...   

Production Companies: Escape Films & 104 Films, Funded by ifeatures
Read more about Retreat here


Paris Syndrome

Fiction Feature: Treatment

Writer:   Afarin Eghbal

Genre:  Drama 

When a young Japanese woman arrives in Paris  she finds the city fails to live up to expectation.  The disappointment is acute with extreme and unlikely side-effects.  This story is based on the real condition Paris Syndrome.        

Production Companies: Escape Films


Fiction Feature:  4th Draft

Writer:  Andrew Yerlett

Genre:  Romantic Comedy

A teenage couple, on the brink of losing their virginity, discover their parents are engaged to each other, meaning they will soon become brother and sister.  With the imminent threat of siblingdom crushing their libido, the teenagers attempt to put a stop to the forthcoming wedding so they can finally be together.     

Budget Estimate: £2M
Production Companies: BFI Film Fund / Escape Films