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Teach First: Life Changing 


Creative Director & Director:  Matt Broughton

Agency: TMPW


Hertfordshire County Council: A Problem Solved 


Creative Director:  Matt Broughton

Director: Laura Evers Johns

Agency: TMPW

Nominated for a RADA award!



Short Film

Writer:  Andrew Yerlett

Director: Adrian McDowall

Genre:  Comedy 

Nominated for 'Best Film' at the Houston Comedy Film Festival, has played in festivals worldwide, including the LA Comedy Film Festival and Flickerfest in Australia.  Now available to view below on Vice.com!


After discovering that his biological father could be any one of the desperadoes from a 1980s video-dating tape, 15-year-old Adam embarks on a suburban quest to find the man he can now call 'Dad'. 

Production Companies: BFI Film Fund / Escape Films


In Our Name

Feature Film – Released in cinemas in the UK 10th December 2010 and on DVD in April 2011

Writer/Director: Brian Welsh

Cast: Joanne Froggatt, Mel Raido, Chloe-Jayne Wilkinson, Andrew Knott

Winner: Golden Zenith for Best First Feature, Montreal World Film Festival 2011

Winner: Joanne Froggatt, BIFA for Most Promising Newcomer 2010

Nominated: BIFA for Best Achievment in Production 2010                            

Nominated: London Film Festival Best British Newcomer Award 2010

Suzy's a British soldier, born and bred, but fitting back into civilian life after fighting in Iraq isn't easy. Haunted by the responsibility she feels for the death of an Iraqi child, she becomes obsessed with the safety of her own daughter, feeling the need to protect her against a threat that doesn't seem to exist. As Suzy's paranoia builds, her behaviour becomes more and more erratic, until finally, she puts her own child in serious danger.

Available on Netflix, Amazon Prime and to buy from Amazon! 

World Sales: Highpoint Films 
Distributors: Artificial Eye (UK), Emerging Pictures (US), Gryphon Entertainment (AUS)

Financiers: Artificial Eye & NFTS, in association with BBC Films




The Ellington Kid

Short Film - 5 minutes 

Writer/Director: Dan Sully

Producer: Rob Watson

Production Company: Escape Films & LOVE


 The Isis

Short Film – Broadcast on BBC HD, June 2011
Writer: Tim Saunders & Matthew Wilkinson
Director: Andrew Saunders
Cast: Kerr Logan, Jack Laskey, Victoria Ross

When college friends Thomas, Frank, and Meredith decide to cover up an accident, the limits of their friendship are put to the test. As the secret weighs heavily between them, it soon becomes clear that someone, somehow,is going down...

Production Company: Escape Films
Financiers: BBC Film Network & BBC HD / CTBF




By The Grace of God

Short Film – 37 minutes
Writer/Director: Ralitza Petrova
Producer: Michelle Eastwood

By the Grace of God depicts the world of Jürgen, a tormented provocateur without a past or background, whose delusions of grandeur lead him to England in search of his place in history and his sovereign right to the throne.

Cannes International Film Festival: Cinefondation Section
Clermont Ferrand: Lab Section
Festival Signes De Nuit
Karlovy Vary Fresh Fest
Rio International Film Festival


Cherry on the Cake

Short Film (Animation) – 8 minutes
Writer/Director: Hyebin Lee
Producer: Michelle Eastwood

It's Cherry's birthday and she's excited about spending it with her family, but they're all too caught up in their own worlds to realise. The smaller Cherry feels, the smaller she gets - will she disappear altogether? A little bit of attention goes a long way when you're only 2 centimetres tall.

Festivals: 60+ international film festivals

Chicago Intl Film Festival: Golden Plaque for best student short
Encounters Intl Short Film Festival: Kodak/Nahemi prize for best creativity
Shanghai Intl Film Festival: Best short animation


Goodbye Mr Pink

Short Film ( Animation) – 10 minutes
Writer/Director: Helen Piercy
Producer: Purnima Ramadorai

A little girl journeys into a world of imagination when she discovers that her pet rabbit is dead. She conjures up a macabre fantasy about what death may be like and in doing so, is able to say goodbye.

Animex International Festival
Atlanta International Film Festival
Edinburgh International Film Festival
NeXt film festival
Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche
Stuttgarter Filmwinter
Tricky Women International Animation Festival


The Orchard

Short Film (Drama) – 20 minutes
Writer/Director: Andrew Saunders
Producer: Purnima Ramadorai


Robert Barry is a 27 year-old lost soul who has finally had all his dreams come true. However, a visit from his benefactor sets him on a course for London, where he must carry out a terrible act and venture into the dark and curious world outside.